Kenneth Heyer

Kenneth Heyer

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Ken Heyer has served since the summer of 2012 as Deputy Director in the Bureau of Economics at the United States Federal Trade Commission. In that capacity he supervises the work of approximately 50 Ph.D economists and provides economic analysis and recommendations to the Agency’s Front Office attorneys and to its Commissioners. Prior to taking this position, Ken served for 29 years as an economist at the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice. Ken has worked on investigations in a variety of industries, covering a wide range of issues implicated by antitrust—from merger analysis, to investigation of monopolization claims, to constructing and implementing appropriate and efficient remedies for competitive problems. In 1999 Ken became the first recipient of the Antitrust Division’s William F. Baxter award for outstanding contributions in the area of economic analysis. He has co-authored articles in the Review of Industrial Organization on economic activities at the Antitrust Division, and has published in the Antitrust Law Journal and in Competition Policy International on antitrust enforcement and policy issues. His most recent article, “Consumer Welfare and the Legacy of Robert Bork,” is forthcoming in the Journal of Law and Economics.

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